My paintings and drawings are representations of the Western Pennsylvania landscape.  It is my goal to depict the unique character and simple beauty of the place I call home.
    I have an amateur interest in the subjects of local history, topography, geology, and biology.  These interests inform my work and keep me engaged in the creative process.
    The appearance of this region's landscape has been influenced by the human activity of the past 200 years.  Railroads, power lines, surface mining, forestry and farming have left a distinguishing industrial imprint on the terrain.  The mingling of this human record with the majestic native woodlands constitutes a motif that is central to my work.
    Topography and specificity of place are also important to my work.  I often use landmarks such as roads, waterways or other "named" sites in my titles.  While the natural effects of light and air are essential to landscape representation, I still consider my primary subject to be the place.  My process typically begins with the consideration of a site that is in some way memorable, usually a place you can find on the map.
    My view of nature and geology impacts my work as well.  The intricate variety of vegetation and landforms in nature is a prominant theme in my work.  I closely observe the details and distinctive qualities of the place I choose to represent.  I believe that the earth, all creatures and all natural processes were created and are sustained by God.  Knowing that all the complexity and sublimity of nature are attributable to a perfect Designer, the same One who created me, heightens my desire to examine its features.
    My artwork provides an opportunity for me to contemplate the history of the landscape, to remember its transitory and temporary nature and to see my position within it.  I hope my work inspires the viewer to consider their own relationship with nature and the landscape.